Multicultural Greek wedding

Multicultural Greek wedding

Multicultural Greek wedding


Multicultural Greek wedding

Multicultural Greek wedding

When England met Greece then something magical was born. In this presentation we will look at the love story of Sophia and Karl – two unique people. It is a special multicultural wedding full of experiences and intense moments.

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Multicultural Greek wedding

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When UK met Greece

From England to Greece

Karl and Sophia were permanent residents of England, where they met. Their story is something touching and certainly special. Two warm souls who decided to join their lives in Greece and specifically in Thessaloniki. So we organized a wedding that brought together two cultures, the English and the Greek.

Pre Wedding photoshoot in London

We met in London where we did a special pre wedding photo shoot. It was already clear that our collaboration was going to be exciting! Because above all with all the people I work with I am interested in having a special chemistry.

Multicultural Greek wedding

The planning of the wedding

The couple wanted to organize their wedding as best as possible. So together we discussed all the details and created the ideal timeline to make everything run smoothly. And we really succeeded! Thanks to the right preparation we created something extraordinary as the couple had imagined it. But most of all, we had a great time and had a lot of fun.

The wedding day started with Karl’s preparation. It was prepared at the Egnatia Palace Hotel located in the heart of Thessaloniki. There, in a room overlooking the city center he got ready with the help of his dear friends and his father. They all dressed up together thus giving us very interactive shots – just as the story happened. As you will see the vibes were very strong.

Multicultural Greek wedding

We continued with the preparation of Sophia who was prepared in the house where she grew up. Sophia was helped to get ready by her friends from different countries in Europe. If I could characterize in one word what prevailed in the preparation it would be party! The emotions in the house were so strong – both from the warmth of her parents and from Sophia’s unique mood.

The highlight of the preparation was the custom with the shoe. As is customary, the best man puts the shoe on the bride and often puts money in it. The best man here had printed bills with Karl’s face on them which he placed in a briefcase and offered to Sophia. It was one of the cleverest ideas I’ve come across!

Multicultural Greek wedding

Wedding ceremony in Hagia Sophia

The wedding in Hagia Sophia is definitely special as this church is a monument of our city. This is why Sophia and Karl chose to join their lives in this church. The whole space was highlighted thanks to the exquisite decoration that gave an extraordinary tone.

A very beautiful and touching ceremony was held at Agia Sophia as the couple had their dear friends and relatives by their side.

Wedding at Hagia Sophia

After the ceremony was complete we took the customary family photos and were ready to continue our photo shoot.

The wedding shoot combined indoor and outdoor locations as we had a temporary storm. However, this did not deter us at all in creating a great result together with the couple and the bridesmaids/groomsmen.

Wedding at Hagia Sophia

Wedding reception at Kyveli – Event Venue

Everything was ready to start an unforgettable reception at Kyveli Estate. The reception was truly unique because it combined the multiculturalism of the wedding with the liveliness and fun of the couple. First the evening was opened by a band with lounge music and then the couple made their entrance. Dinner followed and the speeches started immediately afterwards.

The speeches were addressed by loved ones of the couple where they told special stories and shared aspects of Karl and Sofia’s life. It was truly touching moments, moments of laughter and strong emotions. At the end the couple closed their speeches.

Multicultural Greek wedding

A magical choreography followed as well as the cutting of the cake. Everything was ready for a real party! All the guests were on the dance floor to have fun and celebrate this very special moment for the couple. The evening was followed by some very original events. As the essence of the wedding was the fusion of Greek and English culture the couple had arranged for traditional dancers to be present where they performed dances such as the syrtaki and other traditional dances. The highlight though was the zebedecky with the plate breaking! Everyone was thrilled and gave us unique shots!

Wedding reception at Kyveli - Event Venue


It is so nice to work with couples who treat their wedding as the most beautiful love story and really want to celebrate! Sophia and Karl embraced us from the very first moment and together we created something unique. My goal always as a wedding photographer is to offer something the couple hasn’t even imagined. And that’s what we accomplished here…


What to say about Kostas and 8th art! We have worked together since last year in preparation for our wedding. We spoke over the phone and immediately knew that he was a communicative and professional person, with experience that above all else we could trust. His style of photography is really great and gives a natural effect that we just loved! He first suggested a year before the wedding that we do a photo shoot in the city we lived in (London), and we had a great day together with awesome results. And on the wedding day itself, Kostas showed tremendous flexibility and solved a lot of problems that we didn’t even know existed. Again, the results were dreamy and we can’t wait to shoot with Kostas again in the future – it’s an addiction!

Wedding reception at Kyveli - Event Venue


Some of my favourites photos

The results were dreamy and we can’t wait to shoot with Kostas again in the future – it’s an addiction!




Multicultural Greek wedding



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