Hi, I'm Kostas

Since I started photography I had a goal - deliver unique results. Photography is all about creativity and imagination. You have to imagine the result and be creative enough to make an "Wow" image. This hunt for uniqueness is endless and I'm totally happy! It's what makes an artist different and keeps him alive.

This journey began on college where I graduated from the department of History and Archaeology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. I studied the History of Arts and realised the real evolution of art.

That created a big influence on the founding of 8th Art Photography. The 8th Art is Photography - and that's exactly what photography is for me - an art.

My personal style is inspired from fashion and cinema. I want to combine contemporary trends with timeless ideas. Adding to these, the raw feelings then that's how storytelling is achieved. Because, in the end, people and their relationships is what matter the most.


A little more about Kostas

Greece wedding photographer

How did you get started on photography?

I am into photography business since I was 18. No one of my family had interest in photography. The college and especially History of Arts was a big inspiration for me. Soon, I realised that I could carry a special tool all the time. This tool was a camera. A camera is the only tool that can stop the time. That intrigued me so much and I made the decision to use this tool to tell stories. Stories that will last. So I studied the art of photography and chose to dedicate my life on it.


What you love to shoot?

That's a complicated question. Many will tell one or two genres of photography. I have a different mindset about photography genres. A photographer shouldn't be restricted on one or two genres of photography. He or she should follow their instincts and shoot what makes them feel alive. A complete photographer is someone who has mastered the light, the various techniques and is being educated continuously. This man can shoot everything : Weddings, Commercial, Fashion, Reportage etc. I chose this difficult way but I prefer to be as complete as I can be and accomplish every task I'm facing. Having said that my main genres are Wedding photography, Family photography and commercial.


Photographer or problem - solver?

Photography is a really difficult profession. I use to compare it to Haute cuisine. Just like in a cuisine a chef and his/her team will face hundreds of problems during a busy night, photography is no different than that. Especially for wedding photography that is a genre full of unexpected events. The wedding photographer must be a problem solving man who takes immediate and decisive actions in order to achieve the best result. Time is always against us. So we have to deal with that through our decisions. The couple has to trust the man behind the lens and be completely unaware of anything that might occur during their big day.


What's the biggest challenge?

For me the greatest challenge is to exceed the couple's expectations. We live in a modern age where everyone who is getting married is making a big research about the wedding day. Instagram, Pinterest, Wedding blogs etc help the couple about every small detail and in the same time the couple is being educated about well executed wedding photographs. So as a wedding photographer I want to have really high standards about my photos. I want to see that sparkle in the couple's eyes, that cry during their wedding slideshow on the ceremony. That's when I know I've made a whole family happy and hear that "wow" from the guests.


What wedding photography means for you?

Responsibility and promise. Wedding photography is based on a promise - that I will capture with a storytelling way your wedding day. My biggest responsibility is to achieve unique results that will last forever. Wedding is an event that happens once and you must be prepared to do your best as a wedding photographer because you don't have a second chance to fix something. There is no room for mistakes. Time flies and memories fade. A piece of paper, a printed photograph can travel you back in time and feel again everything. I want you to be sure that it will be an awesome one!


Truth and love define our lives

that's what i love to capture in every frame