Thessaloniki Wedding Photographer


Thessaloniki wedding photographer
Thessaloniki wedding photographer

Looking for the perfect wedding photographer in Thessaloniki?

Looking for a wedding photographer isn’t an easy task.

Are you ready to discover happiness? This is my vision for each couple that chooses to invest in their wedding. For me as a Thessaloniki Wedding Photographer, truth and happiness define reality. That’s what I seek through my lens – real, candid moments full of fun and love. Because after all wedding is the peak of a love story. Wedding Photography in Thessaloniki is really popular because the city offers so many great locations and is really close to Halkidiki.

My biggest challenge as a Wedding Photographer in Thessaloniki is to exceed your expectations and amaze you through my photos. I love to create timeless memories for you and the next generations.

Wedding Photography is something so common and so unique at the same time. Many people are engaged and getting married. What I’m trying to achieve though, is to give a customised perspective to each wedding. Every groom, wife, bridesmaids etc is unique. I want to get the most out of everyone’s personality and capture that with the romance of the wedding day.

Thessaloniki is a really beautiful city with so many options and great spots. Check out some great photos.


The style of photography

My personal style of photography is a combination of fine art and photojournalism. I want to create timeless wedding pictures through creative direction and at the same time capture candid moments of different stories such as expressions, laughs etc.

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Destinations and travels

I’m available to capture your stories everywhere in the world. I’m a Thessaloniki Wedding Photographer based in Greece. Contact me to plan your special day.

Thessaloniki wedding photographer


Creativity and fun

Wedding photography for me is something really creative and fun. This special day many feelings are combined – Joy, thrill, suspense, fun and many more. All these feelings are the little details that create a unique result through my lens.

Thessaloniki wedding photographer

The best choice we could have done.
Jenny – Jordan

Let’s make your wedding day special

I’m Kostas, Thessaloniki Wedding Photographer. I love people and human interaction. This world has so many stories to be amazed – I’d love to hear yours. Photography combines all our experiences and transforms them into art. Wedding photography especially is all about people and feelings.

Thessaloniki wedding photographer
greece wedding photographer
Thessaloniki wedding photographer