wedding venues thessaloniki

Top 5 wedding venues in Thessaloniki

Top 5 wedding venues in Thessaloniki


Top 5 wedding venues in Thessaloniki
Top 5 wedding venues in Thessaloniki

The best wedding venues in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki offers many great wedding venues. Let’s discover some top choices.

Thessaloniki, the enchanting jewel of Northern Greece, boasts a plethora of picturesque spots that are perfect for tying the knot. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top 5 wedding venues in Thessaloniki, each exuding its unique charm and splendor. Whether you prefer a historic ambiance or a contemporary setting, Thessaloniki has the ideal venue for your dream wedding. Let’s embark on this delightful journey and uncover the perfect location for your special day.


Ktima Myronidi

Thermi, Thessaloniki

  • Good for traditional weddings
  • Can cater for large parties
  • Great location near the airport
The 5 Best Wedding Venues in Thessaloniki


A very beautiful place in Eastern Thessaloniki with excellent interior and exterior space.

It’s an excellent choice for both outdoor or indoor wedding events. It offers a modern stylish approach. The decoration and the lighting also can customize and upgrade the venue’s aesthetics.

Ideal venue for wedding events and great parties. As you can see here, it’s also suitable for music concerts.

Ktima Myronidi is a great wedding venue choice with minimal and stylish aesthetics. Wedding in Ktima Myronidi




Ktima Deda

Panorama, Thessaloniki

  • Chic and stylish
  • Great for luxury events
  • All in one place
The 5 Best Wedding Venues in Thessaloniki


Ktima Deda offers unique elegance and great services. Located in Thessaloniki it’s one of the most luxury venues in Northern Greece. Its locations offers great backgrounds and the whole area is picturesque.

You can have your symbolic or orthodox ceremony in the venue since there is a special place for ceremonies and a church inside. Everything is well located.

Your wedding photos will shine since the green backgrounds and the elegant set up are blending together really nice.

Consider investing in a wedding planner that can transform the venue by decorating it and using the ideal lighting set up for a majestic ceremony and reception.


Polis Convention Center


  • Ideal location
  • Luxury indoor & outdoor
  • Offers many options
The 5 Best Wedding Venues in Thessaloniki


Polis convention center is located really close to the Airport of Thessaloniki. The location is ideal for abroad guests and the access is really easy.

It’s a venue that offers that luxurious touch especially indoors. The iconic stair is something you can’t forget easily. Also the panoramic view to the city is really beautiful.

It’s a venue that is really photogenic. The wedding photos both outside and inside always pop because of the luxury ambience of this place.

The amenities are really good and the venue offers many options for big or more intimate weddings with suitable halls.


Mediterranean Palace

City center

  • Located in the heart of Thessaloniki
  • Timeless style
  • Elegant and classy
The 5 Best Wedding Venues in Thessaloniki

Mediterranean Palace – Great for intimate weddings

Mediterranean Palace is a 5 star hotel in the city center. It’s well known for the luxuxy and elegance it offers. One of the best hotels in town that also hosts great wedding events.

The amenities of the hotel are top class and the staff are willing to plan your dream wedding and exceed your expectations.

The trademark is the luxurious stair which is ideal for wedding photos. Other great locations are also the bar and the rooftop with the iconic view.

It’s an ideal choice for intimate weddings with top class service that will fulfill your needs.


Met Hotel

City center

  • Classy and stylish
  • Can host intimate and big weddings
  • Great view
The 5 Best Wedding Venues in Thessaloniki

The Met Hotel – Moody and stylish venue

The Met Hotel is a 5 star facility located in the center of Thessaloniki. It’s a well known hotel of the city that hosts celebrities, events and specialises in weddings.

The rooftop is the trademark for this wedding venue as it offers a panoramic city view and you can enjoy the sunset on the port.

Some of the most picturesque locations are the lobby with the piano and the symmetric design as well as the big hall. For outdoor weddings the rooftop is an excellent choice.

With the right decoration and lighting this hotel is one of the best options for your big day.

Let’s plan your ideal wedding together!

I’m a Greek wedding photographer and my hometown is Thessaloniki. I’ve shot hundreds of weddings here and I can suggest you many great options that can fulfill your needs. The most important thing when choosing a venue for your wedding is to set your wedding style. You may want a dream set up with big chandeliers and lights or you may want a more intimate and minimal set up. Each venue offers something unique, so you should consider hiring a wedding planner in order to express your thoughts.

The 5 Best Wedding Venues in Thessaloniki



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