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Halkidiki is one of the most famous locations in Greece. 

Yearly, many couples choose this destination for their wedding day. The benefits of Halkidiki are the majestic locations and the luxury facilities. Your wedding can take place on the beach and also the preparations and the wedding party can take place on elegant venues. The blue of the sea and the white of the sky create a majestic scenery for your wedding photos.

As a Halkidiki Wedding Photographer, I recommend without hesitation to consider making your wedding on this place. I’ve shot many weddings in Halkidiki and each time there is something unique to amaze me. The mood of the guests and the couple is more relaxed and that way the photos really pop out. True expressions and feelings combined with the romance of the place.

Halkidiki wedding photographer

Halkidiki Wedding Guide


Why choose Halkidiki for my wedding day?

Halkidiki is one of the most beautiful places in Northern Greece. It’s really close to Thessaloniki (± 1h) and provides all inclusive and luxury facilities. There are many professionals such as wedding planners, florists etc with great experience. It’s really romantic to enjoy the sea and the sunset during your wedding day.

Halkidiki wedding photographer


Wedding Venues in Halkidiki

Halkidiki is a really big area which is divided in 2 parts or as we call it in Greek “feets”. The first part is called Kassandra and the second is Sithonia. Both of them offer great wedding venues but the first part, Kassandra, has more choices. You’ll find here a detailed guide about wedding venues in Halkidiki.

Halkidiki wedding photographer


Locations for Halkidiki Wedding

The ideal location for your wedding in Halkidiki should combine an elegant place for the preparations, a place near the sea for the ceremony and a great venue for the party. Such locations are : Sani Beach Hotel, Pomegranate HotelMiraggio Thermal Spa Resort . Of course, there are many more options to consider. We can discuss together the ideal location based on your needs.

Halkidiki wedding photographer

He is an excellent PROFESSIONAL. I have nothing else to add but a big WELL DONE and a huge thank you for the amazing photos.


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Halkidiki wedding photographer

Halkdiki Wedding photographer

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