Wedding in Thessaloniki

May 4, 2022

Wedding in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a great city for weddings. It combines the beauty of the sea and the traditional character. This combination makes it ideal for couples who are seeking their wedding destination. Whether you’re going to do an orthodox or symbolic wedding the city offers many options. This presentation is about an elegant wedding that took place in one of the most symbolic hotels in the city – Mediterranean Palace.

Wedding in Thessaloniki

The first meeting

This couple, Helen & Spyros, dreamed about an elegant wedding. From the first time we met on my studio, they expressed their thoughts about the wedding day. I understood that their style was classy based on the whole wedding style (the dress, the decoration etc). So, that’s how I photographed their wedding. But first of all, it was necessary to make a plan about their wedding in Thessaloniki.

The timeline

Time management is essential on a wedding. That’s why I always make a timeline with my clients. We’re discussing the time I need as wedding photographer during the preparation, the same day photoshoot etc. That way the bride knows exactly when she has to be ready from her make up and hair preparation. One of the most important factors for a successful wedding is psychology. There should be nothing that will ruin the bride’s or the groom’s psychology. There is no need to get nervous about anything since we would have discussed the program of the wedding day.

The preparations

Helen and Spyros made an orthodox wedding in Thessaloniki. Their preparations took place in Mediterranean Palace Hotel in the center of the city. The hotel with its classy and elegant style was the ideal choice for this couple. First we started with the groom’s preparation. All the family members and the best man were by the groom’s side. This made the groom to be more relaxed and take great wedding photos. Then we continued with the bride’s preparation. Everything was ready when we arrived. She was done with her hair and make up so we started with the details. I took some creative detail shoots with the existing decoration. Then I captured the whole story of how she got ready as a bride. Elegant shots, full of passion.

Wedding in Thessaloniki

Wedding photoshoot in the hotel

Once the couple was ready we made a wedding photoshoot in the interior of the hotel. The stairs are the highlight of the hotel lobby so we made some shoots there. Then we went on the bar, the roof garden and some really great places in the hotel. Every spot had something unique to offer.

Wedding in Thessaloniki

Wedding in Thessaloniki

The ceremony took place in Vlatadon Monastery. This church is one of the most famous in Thessaloniki. Many couples choose it every year because it offers a great view and is one of the oldest churches in town.

Elegant reception in Mediterranean Palace

After the ceremony we went back to the hotel, where the roof garden had been decorated for the meal. Everything was classy and elegant, matching the wedding’s style. The wedding of Helen and Spyros was a great experience.

Wedding in Thessaloniki


There are no words to describe Kostas as a professional and as a person. We were looking for the best photographer in Thessaloniki and we found him. Photographing our wedding was one of the best we could have imagined. Costas knows how to calm you down and this is reflected in the photos. The result is meticulous down to the last detail and the process is so enjoyable that at the first opportunity we will be photographed again .. We unreservedly recommend it to every demanding customer who is looking for perfection both in the result and in the process. Costa, thank you for the unique experience you gave us! Eleni-Spyros

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