Thessaloniki Wedding

January 13, 2023

Thessaloniki Wedding

From London to Thessaloniki

Katia and Chris decided to become one in their place of origin. Thus, along with their family and a large number of friends, they celebrated their political and symbolic wedding in Thessaloniki. Really the vibes and mood of the whole wedding was special. The friends created an amazing atmosphere starting from the groom’s and the bride’s preparation.

As described here , Thessaloniki Wedding is always something spectacular!

The preparation of the bride and groom

Chris and Katia’s preparations took place in two beautiful houses which helped us photographically to achieve a beautiful result. The goal of every wedding is to capture the emotions and truth of that day. So it’s important to have a wedding plan with a specific timeline. A key factor for the wedding day is to capture the expressions and overall mood of the couple and their guests. That’s why we always try to minimize any possibility that will create stress for the couple.

The wedding day is truly a celebration and a spontaneous party – so we want it to remain forever indelible through our images.

Ceremony and reception
The wedding ceremony and reception took place at the Ktima Perek venue. There, with the cooperation of all the contributors, a very beautiful set up was created – ideal and suitable for the character of the couple. A beautiful arch with natural flowers had been set up where the vows were taken. There was an excellent saxophonist whose melody created the right mood. The ceremony, the vows and the speeches read were amazing.

After the ceremony, a unique wedding photo shoot followed in the venue. We highlighted the whole set up in the best way, but mainly we emphasized the couple. We wanted to capture the vibrancy and joy of this festive day with some romantic notes.

The wedding party
We really experienced something unique! This was the definition of a wild party. Rock music, dancing and finally… rain! As unpleasant as you may think it sounds, the couple made it unique. After making a unique entrance, dancing and starting to warm up then the rain started. But that didn’t stop them from having even more wild fun and the clicks they gave us were unique. Highlight of the evening was the wedding slideshow – a video we prepare during the reception showing the whole story of the wedding.

We chose Kostas for our wedding day based mainly on other people’s reviews.
The result justified us!
Kostas is an exemplary professional and human being.
Kostas, thank you so much for the flawless result you presented to us. We will show these photos to our children and grandchildren. Thanks! Katia & Chris ♥️ August 6, 2022, Ktima Perek ♥️

Wedding photographer Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki Wedding