Thessaloniki & Halkidiki wedding

Thessaloniki & Halkidiki wedding

Thessaloniki & Halkidiki wedding

The importance of organisation

Organisation is the key for a successful wedding. I’ve said before that one of the essentials for a wedding day is the timeline. The couple along with the wedding planner and the photographer/videographer should make a timeline in order to keep everything under control. This presentation is about a special wedding that was postponed due to the COVID-19 situation. Christiana and Jim wanted absolutely the best for their special day. That’s why along with the other wedding vendors we tried our best for the ideal result – and we achieved it!

Thessaloniki & Halkidiki wedding

The preparation of the bride and the groom

We started with Jim who was dressed with the help his friends. The way the groom’s preparation was shot is a mix of photojournalistic moments and fine art touches. Having completed the preparation of Jim, we went to Christiana. The bride always depends on other wedding vendors – make-up artist – hairdresser, etc. For this reason we always put out the timeline which will help us so that we are safe in our times.

As soon as Christiana finished her hairstyle and makeup, we started recording the moments of her preparation. Throughout the process, her friends and sister were always by her side, helping us to have even more lively moments.

Thessaloniki & Halkidiki wedding

When you really trust your wedding photographer

Something really important is trust between the couple and the photographer. Jim & Christiana trusted me from the beginning and knew that all my proposals are based on my experience. This way, everything went great on their wedding day.

Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony took place at Ktima Papaioannou. It was an orthodox wedding and besides the fact that most orthodox wedding take place inside the church , this one was done outside. So, we had plenty of natural light during the golden hour and the photos of the ceremony were extraordinary. The wedding venue was transformed into something unique by the wedding planner. “Koufetouli” was the wedding planner and their job really made an impact on the final result.

The wedding reception

The wedding reception took place in a great exterior place. All the friends and family welcomed the couple during their entrance. The friends had prepared tequila shots for everyone. As you can imagine the moments were simply stunning – and that’s what I captured through my lens. The party continued till morning.

Thessaloniki & Halkidiki wedding

The wedding photoshoot in Halkidiki

Halkidiki is one of my favourite locations for a wedding. Along with Christiana and Jim we went on several locations of Halkidiki. The perfect hours for photoshoot are right before the sunset – there are called “golden hour“. The beautiful sky blended perfectly with the soft natural light and the result was great wedding photos. Enjoy!

Thessaloniki & Halkidiki wedding


We chose Kostas because from the first moment he won us his smile and the love for what he does. He is not just a photographer who will tell you what to do but it is this photographer who will capture the moment from where you do not expect it without understanding why he is so discreet. From our first click it made us feel so comfortable that our photography was not a chore but a joy and enjoyment. He is an excellent PROFESSIONAL. I have nothing else to add but a big WELL DONE and a huge thank you for the amazing photos.

The wedding video

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