Paros Wedding Photographer

Wedding in Paros

A unique experience

paros wedding photographer
Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Paros

Paros Wedding Photographer

Paros wedding photographer
A unique experience

Where the sun embraces the blue sea

Discover magical images of the island
paros wedding photographer

What makes a wedding in Paros unique?

A destination wedding on an island always has a special grace. Especially when it comes to the Cyclades, which are characterized by their white and blue color. Such a wedding offers incredible emotions to everyone. It is no coincidence that thousands of tourists every year choose the Cycladic islands to celebrate their wedding. The beauties that exist here you will not find elsewhere. The churches, the landscapes, the hotels for the reception and the people make the perfect combination for a successful wedding. Paros is a beloved island, which has escaped the commercial part and has extremely preserved its traditional character. Its cobbled streets, its corners with bougainvillea, its little harbours and how many other places make it unique. It offers a multitude of wedding-related options both in terms of photography and places.

The best places in Paros

Highlights of the beautiful island

The island of Paros is full of beautiful locations. But there are some places that stand out and we will look at them below. The common feature of all the locations is the combination of blue and white colours overlooking the Aegean Sea. This Cycladic image is an attraction for both Greek and foreign tourists.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer


Naousa, Paros


Naoussa is one of the most central points of the island. In recent years it has become the centre of Paros as all the nightlife and life is here. Naoussa combines the beautiful alleys with the beautiful harbour. There are many options to browse and take pictures. Ideal time is early afternoon while the sun is still high and blends with the blue of the sea. Also the alleys are beautifully lit at this time.


Parikia , Paros


Parikia is the main town of Paros. It is the commercial centre of the island and has the main port. In Parikia stands out for its beach and its coastline as a whole. From this part of the island the sun sets so it is ideal for sunset photos. Typical must photo at the windmill at sunset.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Paros
paros wedding photographer


Lefkes , Paros


Lefkes is a village in the centre of the island. It is worth a visit as its alleys are incredible and it has several churches that will give you unique clicks. The ideal time for photography is at noon as the sun is high and illuminates the alleys.


Churches & highlights

Instagrammable spots

All in all, in Paros you will find many places that will interest you for photography. But what you should definitely do is to visit several churches in remote parts of the island as they have the best views. They are built in such a place that you think they are in the sea. One of the most popular churches for instagrammable photos is the Monastery of Agios Ioannis Deti. The trip and the landscapes will definitely be unforgettable!

paros wedding photographer
paros wedding photographer


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