Family photoshoot in Halkidiki

May 14, 2022

Family photoshoot in Halkidiki

Family photoshoot is always a unique and great idea. As a family we don’t have many great photos. That’s because there is always someone who must take the photos or take a selfie. This way the family misses great moments from being all together. That’s why a family photoshoot is ideal. You hire an experienced photographer to guide you and capture all your moments.

Family Photoshoot in Halkidiki

Exploring the beauty of Halkidiki

Tatiana and Dinis were a couple from France who chose to spend their family vacations on Halkidiki and specifically on Acrotel Hotel. So, we arranged everything via Instagram, I suggested the clothes that match the photoshoot vibes etc. We started the photoshoot on the Hotel interior and exterior. Acrotel offers some great spots and the staff is really helpful. Along with the couple we took great portraits and joyful moments.

Family Photoshoot in Halkidiki

Hotel Photoshoot

As you can see we photographed various spots of the hotel, always with fun and joy. That’s the secret ingredient for great photos. We chose the pool, the bar and the gardens. Their little daughter always laughed and enjoyed the photoshoot.

Photoshoot on the beach

Later, during the “golden hour” we went to the beach to capture the beauties there. Halkidiki is synonym to majestic beaches so I wanted to keep memories of that. I knew some great locations near to the hotel so we went there. As you’ll see the light and the mood was simply stunning.

Family Photoshoot in Halkidiki


We had a little vacation in Sithonia and hired Kostas for our family photoshoot to capture this Greece experience. First of all he was really quick in answering and gave an impression of kind and nice person. Then we met him in real and this impression was approved! It was so fun and easy to work with him. As we have 1,5 y.o. daughter it was really important for us to have photographer that has experience with kids, and Kostas made her smile and posing easily. We had a great time, but the best surprise was to receive our amazing pictures! It was like we dreamed about, lighting, posing, ambiance in general. Everything is just top! Our family recommend Kostas for your important events, he knows how to make you feel comfortable and relaxed and will create for you priceless souvenirs 🙂

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Family photoshoot in Halkidiki

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