Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to the world of planning the ideal wedding! Assuming that you are a newly engaged couple, you start your research for the best wedding vendors. This research may seem as a challenge but for sure it’s something really creative and you’ll never forget this period. When it comes to planning your wedding, one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make is choosing the right photographer to capture your special moments. How are you goind to find the ideal one? At 8th Art Photography, we understand the significance of this choice and the impact it has on your wedding memories. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the essential steps to select the perfect wedding photographer.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Researching Potential Photographers: Quality Over Quantity

Begin your search by compiling a list of potential wedding photographers. Quality always trumps quantity in this regard. Look for photographers whose portfolios resonate with your aesthetic preferences. Examining their previous work will give you a clear understanding of their style, creativity, and technical skills. At 8th Art Photography, we pride ourselves on our diverse portfolio, showcasing our expertise in capturing various wedding styles, from traditional to modern and everything in between.

Choosing the photography style that matches your aesthetics

Every person is totally different as a personality and regarding to his/hers aesthetics. Everyday we are scrolling through hundreds of Instagram wedding Photos, looking on Pinterest moodboards etc. All these different photos, TikTok trends, Reels are a great source of inspiration. But the best thing you can do when looking for your best wedding photographer is to choose the style that matches your aesthetics. You may have seen epic rock n roll entrances in receptions but would that fit a couple that’s more low tone?

There are several photography styles such as moody , documentary , fine art wedding photography and many more. You have to choose the right one for you. But how can you make the ideal choice?

The best advice would be to share the photos and the photographers you liked the most with your other half. Don’t just stay on the photographer’s instagram account. Visit their website and see whole galleries of weddings. This way you won’t just see the top 2-3 photos of a wedding but you’ll review the whole story. Now, the most important question is “can I picture myself on this kind of photos” ? Do you like the way the couple look at each other ? Can you feel something while looking at wedding photos of a couple? Does the gallery you just saw tell a story? I think that if the answer to these questions is yes then you have find the ideal photographer who can capture your special day the way you like!

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Trends and timelessness

Two very different meanings but very important for choosing your ideal wedding photographer. We all like trends and love watch them on Social Media. Of course many of us would like to have them on our wedding day. Something you have to consider about your wedding photos is that your memories are not temporary. Trends come and go but your love story will remain for many years. That’s why you have to be careful about photographers that overdo it with trends.

My personal approach is that I have to create a result that will be unique , eye catching , will create feelings to the viewer and will be timelessness. Don’t get me wrong – I also love trends and include them on my weddings but I’m really careful with them.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer

What creates a timeless wedding result?

  • Aesthetic uniformity : Aesthetics are really important on a wedding photographer and shall be visible on first sight. Aesthetics define the photography style.
  • Storytelling : A wedding is the epitome of a couple’s love story. That’s why all wedding photos (from the very first to the last) shall tell a story. They won’t be simple clicks but moments that froze time and catched something that tell a story.
  • Adaptabillity and combination of more than one photography styles : Each couple is unique and requires a special approach – getting to know each other , understand their needs and listen to what they’re dreaming for their big day. That’s why the best wedding photographer shall adapt according to couple’s needs. Combining more than one photography styles is also mandatory for the ideal wedding coverage. Of course a photographer is defined by his/hers unique style but in order to achieve the best result you must combine styles.
  • Capture the atmosphere of the wedding : Guests are also protagonists of your wedding. They play a big role of the atmosphere of your wedding day. That’s why it’s important to include all the details that make your day unique. Beautiful expressions , decoation , flowers – these are some of the essentials.

Problem solving Photographer

Wedding photography is one of the most challenging genres. The wedding day may have lots of unexpected events that require an experienced problem solver as your photographer. All these years I’ve shot hundrends of weddings and one thing I learned is that you have to take control of unexpected situations because the last thing you want is to have the bride or groom stressed. That requires self confidence and experience on how to handle these events.

Pricing and Budget

My aspect for my profession is that first of all Photography is Art. That’s the main reason I chose to name my company as 8th Art Photography – because indeed the 8th Art is Photography. Many people think that wedding photography is part of the wedding industry – that may seem correct and incorrect at the same time. Surely we’re part of wedding events but creating memories through our Art is something really special and should be treated like so. Having that mindset is the best guide when setting your wedding budget. This way you can consider investing more on your wedding photographer that will be by your side and create timeless memories.

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Connection and communication is the key

After researching you may end up with 2-3 options as the ideal wedding photographer. What I’d suggest is checking also the reviews and testimonials of previous couples. Next would be contacting the photographer and sharing the most important details of your wedding day – such as the considered dates , the locations , venue etc. That is required for creating a custom offer that will fulfill your needs. Next is scheduling a meeting with the photographer that may capture your most important day. You can feel if there is connection , if is willing to help and guide you through the planning of your big day.

Conclusion: Preserving Your Precious Moments with 8th Art Photography

At 8th Art Photography, we understand the significance of your wedding day and the importance of preserving these precious moments for a lifetime. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can confidently choose the perfect wedding photographer who aligns with your vision and style. Our team is dedicated to capturing your love story in the most enchanting way possible. Contact us today to discuss your wedding photography needs and let us transform your special day into timeless memories.

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