Newborn photography greece

newborn photography greece

Newborn photography... The most tender photography genre. Little angels dreaming of their beautiful life.

Newborn photography in Greece is a really popular genre. More and more people want to have these dreamy photos. Undoubtedly this is the sweetest and most tender photoshoot. Infancy is a time of rapid change for our baby. Every day that passes is completely different from the previous one. We want to record the first days of a baby's life, when he is still literally a newborn. There are many factors to consider when photographing a newborn: hygiene, care, patience, empathy, etc. Great care is required and that is why our goal is to deliver the perfect result of professional newborn photography.

What could be more impressive than the arrival of a new life? A newborn baby, our child, is something that fills us with energy, joy and dreams. It's an important part of our legacy in this world. At 8th Art Photography we love people and life, so we fully understand how important the birth of a child is. With newborn photography we want to remind you forever of this moment. We want to capture your little angel with a unique and airy style.

The Process

Newborn Photography - Safety comes first

Newborn photography is one of the most special photography genres. It requires attention, care, hygiene and patience. At 8th Art Photography we know how important it is to have a new life. For this reason we take all the necessary protection measures so that the photography is done with absolute safety. All our accessories are washed and sterilized, especially for newborns. We also know that every baby wants the unique attention and patience until it falls asleep and we start our process. So we take care to calm the baby and rest the parents during this time.


Timing is the key

Newborn photography is really restricted to time. The photoshoot should take place when the baby is really a newborn. The ideal time is between the first 7 to 15 days. On that time the baby is really a "newborn". After this period, both his body and the way he perceives the environment around him grow. In our photo shoot we want the baby to sleep so that we can easily place him in the dream poses you see. Up to 15 days our baby sleeps most of the day and thus makes our photoshoot ideal.


Location of the photoshoot

The photoshoot can be done either in our studio, in Evosmos or in your home. We are fully flexible in the location where the photo will be taken as we can transfer all our accessories to your place. There, we set up our Studio and make the photoshoot on your house.



Care and hygiene


Magic result