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Christening is a great tradition and a joy for the whole family.


christening photographer greece

Christening in greece

Capturing the true family moments

Christening is one of the most sacred moments in human life. This is an event of great importance. That is why christening photos should highlight in the best way everything that happens on this day. Parents, relatives and friends take part in this celebration. Despite the fact that the duration of the baptism is short, as a christening photographer I aim to show all the relationships between people. Preparation is the key in christening photography. The most essential period is before the christening begins. This is when we get the most creative christening photos as the baby is relaxed.


After shooting


The name has been given! So now, it's time to make creative photos and unique videography.

Respectfully and discreetly I make a photojournalistic approach inside the church.

Before the christening begins I want to capture the moments between the family.

Christening tips

At christening there will always be times when the baby will be bothered by something. With the right experience, however, we always make sure to capture the best moments of the baby that will remind you how beautiful everything was that day. After all, when you get your baby's album, that's what I want you to see. All the great memories together!

Kostas Giannakopoulos

Discover the happiness


It's always my pleasure to listen about your plans.

Just enjoy the day of christening. You will be among your loved ones who will be happy with your joy. Your baby knows that when you are happy it is also happy. Trust 8th Art Photography to capture your child's christening photos. Let's organise this day together.